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May 23, 2018: Version 3.3 is out, be sure to read the updated docs

GMSDB is a database system written in GML that can be used in any kind of project requiring a solution to store and retrieve organized data. With GMSDB you can easily perform basic CRUD (create,read,update,delete) operations on data while applying custom clauses like filters, sorting, limits, offsets, calculations and join operations. GMSDB also takes care of loading and saving the database data from and to the file system, and includes functions to export and import the data in various formats (like CSV).


  • Pure GML, doesn't require any external DLLs etc.
  • Flexible and customizable query system
  • Sort, filter, limit, offset and join query results
  • Internal saving / loading mechanism to persist the database to file
  • Import and export table data from and to CSV file to be edited in excel or other editors
  • Memory management functionalities
  • Includes as an example a database viewer utility
  • Well commented code and detailed documentation


Documentation and install guide

Forum topic

My assets: EXinv (Inventory system), GMGL (autoupdater & launcher), Autotiles Helper (auto tiling system), Jade UI (UI sprites)

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 3.2.0. Published March 10, 2017

Version 3.2 changes a lot of functions related to the database saving system, and a few functions have been renamed or removed.

Be sure to read the section about upgrading from 3.1 to 3.2 in the documentation. You will also find a list of every other change introduced in version 3.2

GMS2 - Version 3.3.1. Published May 5, 2019

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