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Just a standard push button. the code will automatically make a push button that is sensitive to the mouse and the a right button mouse click. it will automatically size the button based on the size of the string that you name the button, and if selected it will return the string of the button that was selected. you will first have to define a font called "ButtonFont" and run an activation button called "BlackEyedPeasFirstHit2033" in order to set up the necessary background support programs. it must also be run in the draw code, if you want the button to show up.

so to make a button the code must be as follows

 Varible=ButtonMaker(<x location>,<y location>,'BlackEyedPeasFirstHit2033')

that first line of code above sets the variable equal to a basically empty string so that it can be compared later.

Varible=ButtonMaker(<x location>,<y location>,'<button name>')

that code actually makes the button that is to be clicked. To see if the button was pressed a simple code such as bellow will do fine. note the double equals sign, if that is not used game marker will spit you an error.

if (variable =='<button name>' )

this code will end the game if the button is clicked. remember you must run the set up button and define a font called "ButtonFont" or the code will not work. please let me know if you are having issues and be sure to rate the program.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.3. Published March 17, 2015

this version addes buttons that can be pressed once. This verison also adds "NumPadMaker" which makes a phone style number pad with one line of code. Lastly, this version also adds invintory, a place to store items. As always an example of the code has been included, along with room, font, objects, and all necessary products to make it as "turn key" as possible.

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