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Hi everybody,

So lastly I made a game were you can create a level, and play it as a hide and seek game! It took me actually quite a while and it got some handy code so I decided to sell it in the Marketplace.

What does it include?

A simple to use level editor | A simple save and load system (with a picture of the map when you want to load it) | A light engine, which is editable IN-GAME | Many in-game settings you can change with the help of sliders | playing the map against eachother in split-screen | a way to check ALL objects of one kind! | and much more!

What can you do with this game?

make a top down shooter with the possibility of checking all objects of one kind | making an even more advanced level editor, with this one as base | making this game multiplayer | making more details for graphics and enviroment | or just make whatever you want with this!

After that, here are the controls of the game, because there are pretty many!

the editor: scroll to choose items | left click to place one item | left click + control to place items | right click + control to destroy an item | right click on lightbulb to change its settings | escape when in bulbsettings to go back to the editor | escape without bulbsettings to change map settings | escape in mapsettings to go back to the editor | s to save | l to load | space to start the game | f11 to go to full screen

the game: wasd to control player 1 | arrow keys to control player 2 (when co-op is enabled) | space to go back to the editor

What will I probably update?

an in-game level browser, with up to 100 levels! | a bigger room where you can edit in | add some more scripts | fixing bugs when found

known bugs:

creating enemy spawners at the very top of the game will create enemies with ai not working in-game, so avoid placing the spawners at the top | when placing an enemy and no player, then it will crash when you start the level

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.1. Published April 28, 2015

-Added up to 100 save files (actually, 101 if you count save file slot 0)

-Added the possibility to go back to the editor by pressing space in game, and then you will have the map again and you don't need to load it up again

-Improved menu system

-Added an Original soundtrack to the menu, created by Happywiki

-Fixed some game crashing bugs, sorry for that

-New buttons in the menu when clicking escape

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