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Hero's Trail - Online Multiplayer


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This package takes the Hero's Trail starter project and converts it into a multiplayer ready online game! You can build any type of online/multiplayer top-down action game using this template.

This template/game comes polished. The combat is great, the music is superb, the UI is nice and overall the game looks and feels great to play!

Plus the project is game ready, meaning you can launch the game and try it out by yourself or with friends/beta testers!

This includes: - Basic UI elements - Fully authoritative server-sided implementation - Client-sided logic/code - Uses modern techniques for sending/receiving data from/to server via JSON/structs - Includes custom NPC behavior - Includes boss type NPCs! Perfect for dungeon crawlers or RPGs - Includes gates, levers, chests, keys, etc - Includes NPC pathfinding with aggro system and aggro sound system - Includes NPC boss mechanics, such as: jumping, firing projectiles, melee attacks, etc - Includes authentication system (user login/handshake) - Includes dynamic combat system with health/mana, health regeneration, damage modifiers, dynamic sound effects, dynamic death sound effects, etc - Includes NPC respawners (NPCs can respawn after an allotted time has elapsed) - Includes rain/thunder system with realistic rain drop/splatters, screen shaking with thunder and lightning flash effects - Includes dialogue/cut-scene system where you can narrate a story and/or provide cut scenes in your game! Comes with a sample room - Includes in-game chat system with color coded player usernames to differentiate between administrators and regular players - Custom RPG-like music - Secure server-sided multiplayer setup - Python scripts to aid in your development of your game. Such as which runs in the background and every time you click Play Game via the GameMaker IDE it'll launch extra instances of your game side-by-side your main instance so you can test online functionality locally by yourself - Contains 100% GML scripts which can be re-used and/or modified with tons of in-line comments for reference. - Will be supported by author during its life time for free and you can merge in changes that the author submits if you choose to do so - Discord setup to assist in using asset and provide technical/development support and/or documentation - And much more

Comes included with life time support, daily & larger weekly updates, and much more!

Join our official Discord community to ask questions about this starter project/template and/or get support for your game.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 0.0.0. Published May 24, 2024

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