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Add a trail effect to any object with one line of code! Just call create_trail once (it does not need to go in step or draw event).

Most trail effects are only intended for finger swipes. These path-based trail effects are already set up to work with projectiles and swords!

Unleash the full potential of trail effects!

  • use any sprite as a texture (samples included)
  • create_trail returns the trail object ID so you can modify its properties on the fly
  • modify the trail path directly using Game Maker built-in functions. No need to deal with complicated arrays!
  • Bonus Feature: realistic particle explosions!

Trails need not be straight and narrow! It is possible to create your own path building algorithm inside of the trail_path_update function.

Here is a link to everything by this author:

To get the demo, just click the link "more info" below.

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 14.2.15. Published February 3, 2015

NEW: blow up the rockets with the sword! Added more comments to the code.

GMS2 - Version 18.6.10. Published June 11, 2018

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