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§ The primary function draw_sprite_drift(), draws and tiles a sprite and animates it drifting across an area.

§ In addition to the typical parameters that come with built-in functions prefixed with draw_sprite... you can pass parameters that change the direction, speed, background color, alpha and blending color of the drifting sprite.

§ This is perfect for aesthetic animating backgrounds on gui objects.

§ This package includes 4 useful functions in addition to the eponymous draw_sprite_drift() :

count(_stack, _period, _timer = undefined) : Integer counter. Counts how many stacks of numbers have elapsed with respect to a timer, restarts counting from 0 when period is reached. (Think counting sheep or groups of sheep if you want. Then restarting once a limit has been reach. It's not complicating. It's just counting!) nearest_ceil_power(_n, _e) : Returns the nearest (ceiling) power of 'e' to the number 'n'. nearest_multiple(_n, _m) : Returns the nearest (ceiling) power of 'e' to the number 'n'. framerate(_factor = 1.0) : Returns the expected framerate, frames per second, multiplied by a factor

§ The scripts are fully documented with warning and a working demo with 5 different use case examples.

! This script requires surface compatibility to operate. If your device does not support surfaces undefined results will manifest. Be careful using large surfaces on certain devices, as certain devices have a maximum allowed surface dimension.

! These scripts are compatible with macOS and windowsOS. And should be compatible with other OS's. Advise caution.

! This script was created on GMS 2.3+.

? Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

? Feel free to suggest features you'd like to see. The next version will support various tiling variants instead of the diamond matrix tiling that is used in this asset.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 0.1.0. Published February 5, 2024

Initial Commit.

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