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QSignals is your solution for simplifying event-driven programming in GameMaker. Elevate your game development with this easy to use library designed to reduce complexity and boost modularity. Say goodbye to tangled event logic and hello to a more intuitive development process. Any object can fire a signal without knowing anything about who might be listening. Listeners can react to signals without caring who sent them. Finally, data can be sent with those signals so that the listeners can handle it how they choose.

Use Cases:

  • Simplify player interactions, such as collecting items or taking damage.

  • Manage game progression, including leveling up and unlocking new features.

  • Update UI elements dynamically based on game events.

  • Create interactive dialogue systems with player choices.

  • Manage enemy behavior and AI reactions to player actions.

  • Handle game over conditions and transitions.

Get Started Today: Don't miss out on the benefits of QSignals. Try it now and elevate your programming experience.

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 1.2.0. Published October 16, 2023

Signal connections now remain intact for persistant objects on room change.

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