Shoot em Up - Enemy Pack

Pieter Visser Studios

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With 17 Enemies, 3 Bosses and 13 Enemy Shots you have everything you need to create an exiting enemy force for your shoot em up.

Get creative with enemies that are built up of multiple parts for some stylish destruction, or just use the merged version to quickly get your enemies up and running.

This pack contains: *Boat Boss (Hull, Small Turret (8 Frames of Animation), Bridge, Side Cannon and Front Shields. *Pincer Ship Boss (Chassis, Turrets and Bridge) *Red Ship Boss *Vertical Boat (Hull, Turret and Bridge) *Horisontal Boat (Hull and 2 Turrets) *Twin Engine Ship (Hull and Engines) *Frigate (Hull, Turret and Bridge) *Large Tank (3 Frames) *Medium Tank (Chassis, Wheels and Animated Turret(12 Frames)) *Small Tank (0, 45, 90 Degree Chassis, 0, 45, 90 Degree Turret) *Big Flying Probe (Armored and Core Version) *Disk Ship *Pulsing Orb (15 Frames) *Medium Triangle Ship *Ground Turret Red (13 Frames) *Ground Turret Brown *Medium Flying Probe *Ground Sludge Container (Normal and Destroyed Version) *Powerup Enemy (3 Frames) *13 Enemy shots (3 Animated) *Small and Large Explosion (18 Frames each)

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published December 1, 2014

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