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An open-source extension to be used with GameMaker to allow for up to 8 XInput devices. This project contains replacement functions for the majority of stock gamepad functions found within gamemaker. Each replacement function is designed to work exactly like the stock GameMaker gamepad functions. (The current release it setup to support 8 controllers, but this can be extended by rebuilding the OpenXInput with a larger number set and then replacing the OpenXInput1_4.dll within this extension with it.)


Import the local package to your project.

On game start, call gamepad_oxi_init().

At the start of each step (Begin Step), call gamepad_oxi_update().

On game end, call gamepad_oxi_quit().

Button Functions:

  • gamepad_button_check_oxi(deviceIndex, buttonIndex)
  • gamepad_button_check_pressed_oxi(deviceIndex, buttonIndex)
  • gamepad_button_check_released_oxi(deviceIndex, buttonIndex)
  • gamepad_button_value_oxi(deviceIndex, buttonIndex)

Axis Functions:

  • gamepad_get_axis_deadzone_oxi(deviceIndex)
  • gamepad_set_axis_deadzone_oxi(deviceIndex, deadzone)
  • gamepad_axis_value_oxi(deviceIndex, axisIndex)

Other Functions:

  • gamepad_get_device_count_oxi()
  • gamepad_is_connected_oxi(deviceIndex)
  • gamepad_set_vibration_oxi(deviceIndex, leftMotor, rightMotor)

Parameters for the above functions:

  • deviceIndex: 0-7
  • axisIndex: gp_axislh, gp_axislv, gp_axisrh, gp_axisrv
  • buttonIndex: gp_face1, gp_face2, gp_face3, gp_face4, gp_shoulderl, gp_shoulderr, gp_shoulderlb, gp_shoulderrb, gp_padu, gp_padd, gp_padl, gp_padr, gp_start, gp_select, gp_stickl, gp_stickr
  • leftMotor: 0.0-1.0
  • rightMotor: 0.0-1.0


More Details

This extension relys on the open-source project OpenXInput which can be found here.

There is a build of OpenXinput's dll (OpenXinput1_4.dll, originally named Xinput1_4.dll) within the .yymaps file found within the release of this project. This was done to help those who do not wish to rebuild the dll themselves. However, I do encourage you to download and build OpenXInput if you are familiar with C++ and CMake.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 1.0.0. Published August 10, 2023

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