Shadows 3D (basic)


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Welcome to the Dodozen's - 3D Shadows (basic) Inside this package you'll find all the necessary assets to use this professional pack of hi-quality shadow shader (planar shadows) in your Gamemaker projects.

The 3D shadows basic includes the following shaders:

  • sh_mat_shadowBasic: The dynamic 3D planar shadow shader. It will transform any mesh into a solid and perfeclty raytraced shadow.

  • sh_mat_diffuseLighting: An alternative version of the famous "blinn-phong" diffuse lighting shader. This technique smoothes the lighting in order to give extra matices and volumes on the shadows.

All of them are fully flexible and easily animatable.

Add to your projects that final professional look with this awesome shadow shader pack.

All the shaders have been tested successfully on the following platforms:

  • PC
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows phone 8

Stay on tune and follow us on:

  • https://www.facebook.com/dodozen
  • https://twitter.com/DodozenGames

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.1. Published May 21, 2015

FIXES: * Some bugs fixes related to the update of the shader matrix system. (it should work pefectly well with the latest GM versions)

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