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Easy & fast high quality leaderboard with social features, customizable avatars, accounts/cloud save. No server needed. No UI needed, just call Show() and you're done. Get fast support by emailing [email protected]


Galaxy's leaderboard is optimized to retain users for longer. Show a personalized leaderboard to each user based on rank, friends, and progress. Once players sync their contacts, they'll see their friends on the leaderboard.


Allow users to join clans and compete together. Drive viral growth when friends invite each other to play your game.


Add competition to your game by easily creating matchups. Showing a "score to beat" along with the opponent's avatar and nickname can supercharge engagement.


Players can customize their avatar which is displayed on the leaderboard and anywhere in your game you choose.

Cloud Save

Free, unlimited backups for all your users. Save any game state and retrieve it when your users sign in on another device. No signup or backend necessary.

Ease of use

Galaxy is extremeley easy to use and fast to set up. Drag the prefab into a scene, and it's 3 lines of code to report scores or show the leaderboard. No backend setup or maintenance, ever.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 1.0.10. Published April 17, 2023

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