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Fantasy Characters vol1

Clockwork Mustache

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Fantasy Characters vol1

Here you can see all animations:

A fantasy pixel-art character asset pack for 2D sidescrollers and platformers!

2 player and 25 enemy characters!

The assets are available in the zip package and in the game maker file

You can use the pack in commercial projects and modify the character as needed. But please do not resell this asset individually!


If you need some additional animation or you want to report what character you would like to see in the next packs, write in the comment or better on my Discord Server:

I plan to add more packs that match the style so I'm sure there will be something interesting for everyone!

Sprite List:



blue_knight1_nw*(idle, walk, run, hurt, slide, wall_slide1, roll, jump, fall, body, attack1)

blue_knight1_sword(idle, walk, run, hurt, slide, wall_slide1, roll, attack1, attack2, jump, fall)

blue_knight1_other_weapons(whip_attack, bow_shot, arrow1)

*nw-No Weapon


barbarian1_nw*(idle, idle_after_run, walk, run, jump, fall, hurt, attack1, roll)

barbarian1_spear(idle, idle_after_run, walk, run, hurt, jump, fall, roll, attack1, fall_attack1, spear_throw, spear)

*nw-No Weapon


skeleton1(idle, walk, attack1, def_r, jump, fall, hurt, body)

skeleton2(idle, walk, throw, throw2, jump, fall, hurt, body, bone)

ghost1(fly, hurt, death)

bat1(idle, fly)

crow1(idle, fly)

snail1(idle, walk, def, body)

snail2(idle, walk, def, body)




goblin1(idle, attack, walk, jump, fall, hurt, body)

goblin_archer1(idle, walk, jump, fall, shot, hurt, body, arrow1)

goblin_witch1(idle, shot, walk, jump, fall, hurt, body, fireball)

plant1(idle, attack, bullet)


blob1_big(idle, jump)

blob1_medium(idle, jump)

blob1_small(idle, jump)

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 1.0.0. Published January 29, 2023

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