Do you want to get rid of those black bars that appear on the sides of your game that appear when the display is wider or taller than the aspect ratio of your game? And at the same time have GUI elements move accordingly? If "Yes" to both, you are in the right place!

This asset is a must have for everyone who develop games for smartphones and tablets or even those who would like their Windows game(s) to support ultrawide or old square-ish monitors.


• "VARMS Asset Package.yymps"

◦ "Obj_VARMS" (For smartphones/tablets)

◦ "Obj_VARMS_windows" (For Windows)

◦ "Scr_VARMS_landscape" (For landscape games)

◦ "Scr_VARMS_portrait" (For portrait games)

◦ "Scr_VARMS_windows_scale" (This is the default and most used method)

◦ "Scr_VARMS_windows_extend" (For games that want to stay the original size but allows for more of the room to be shown by resizing the window)

◦ [EXTRA] "Obj_Camera" (Smooth camera movement)

◦ [EXTRA] "Spr_Char" & "Obj_Char" (Simple square character)

◦ [EXTRA] "Spr_Wall" & "Obj_Wall" (Simple square wall)

◦ [EXTRA] "Spr_Pause" & "Obj_Pause" (Pause/resume the game)

◦ [EXTRA] "Rm_Level" (Drag across everything and press run to test out nearly all features)

If bought on, you also get "VARMS Emulated Demo.exe", "VARMS Windows Test Game.exe" and a helpful "README.txt" file.

Credit is appreciated but not required.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 1.0.0. Published September 15, 2022

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