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Jester OC

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Latest Version Check and Update via HTTP REST GITHUB ( Currently only supports PC (and ANDROID with a local server for RUN_FROM_IDE workaround), until I have a way to detect RUN_FROM_IDE for mobile platforms )

uses GM_build_date along with date_get_year(), date_get_month(), and others to make version numbers that auto increment on build.

bonus RUN_FROM_IDE macro ( REQUIRED )

assure your version numbers won't get updated while running in IDE, rather version text gets updated when a build is run AND that build's current version > the latest version (from in your github file)

Getting started with the example:

  1. fill in TOKEN... //need a github API token? go to githubTOKEN = "PUT YOUR_GITHUB_TOKEN HERE"; // eg: "ghp_XFO1...";

  2. fill in username github_owner_username = "USERNAME";// eg. "JesterOC3";

  3. make a repo, and fill it in github_repo = "REPOSITORY-NAME"; //repository

(optional). choose a filename, and fill it in (no need create file in github, it SHOULD create it for you as of version 2.0.2 of this asset ) github_path = "version-number-github.txt";//version stored in .txt file


=REQUIREMENTS= - Requires running an .exe on same WIFI. - Also needed is a .json config file with a set of device hostnames.

=ANDROID SPECIFICS INFO= Only updates the build number online if....

ANDROID_SERVER_VERSION.exe doesn't detect GameMaker.exe process running...


The Android Build detects ANDROID_SERVER_VERSION.exe on the same WIFI. (When the Build is run.)


End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 3.0.0. Published September 4, 2022

V3 - ADDED ANDROID SUPPORT (via workaround)

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