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Eclipse Light Engine

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The Eclipse Light Engine is a high-end lighting solution for the GameMaker (GM) engine. It uses deferred rendering and the metallic/roughness workflow to render PBR lighting.


  • Dynamic lights
  • Highly configurable light object with prefabs for: point, spot, line, cone, and area
  • Automatic day and night cycle with configurable speed, sun rise/set windows, direction, intensity, and more
  • Soft-shadows with per light shadow hardness
  • Light and material depth for precise scene lighting
  • Bloom lighting and emissive textures
  • Lit and emissive particle system built on GM's built-in particle system
  • 3D calculated shadows with adjustable shadow length
  • Static and dynamic shadows
  • Ambient occlusion from objects
  • Depth of field effect
  • Spine support! Easily inherit from a base object to add normal map and PBR material to a skeletal animation
  • Primitive and polygon shadow shapes (easily created within the GM IDE)
  • Textured material objects (primitive and polygon)
  • Adjustable render resolution
  • Compatible with all platforms (includes GLSL ES shaders)


User Manual - Asset manual with functions and setup information.

Video Tutorials on Eclipse - Learn more about Eclipse and how to configure its various components.

Eclipse Tech DEMO - Free download which demonstrates many of the engines features.

PBR Material Packer - Free tool for packing materials and baking emissive into normal maps for use in Eclipse (also included in Eclipse download archive).

Blender Texture Exporter - Free tool exporting from a Blender project when using pre-rendered sprites in Eclipse. Credit to Firehammer Games!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 1.1.1. Published June 3, 2024

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