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imguigml_ui is a wrapper built on top of imguiml (which is amazing). The wrapper brings the ability to simplify your code without worrying about "begin" and "end" of items.

The wrapper will automatically return the values in callback functions and this means that you no longer have to use a imguigml_slider_float/2/3/4 as the library will figure out which one to use and pass the information back (no more worrying about return arrays).

Github: Instructions: Youtube Video:

An example of this is

// single slider (float)
ui.slider_float("My Slider", "sld_xscale", [obj_Player.image_xscale], 0, 1, function(_a) {
  obj_Player.image_xscale = _a;

// four slider (float)
ui.slider_float("My Slider Four", "sld_four", [obj_Player.image_xscale, obj_Player.image_yscale, obj_Player.image_alpha, obj_Player.image_angle], 0, 1, function(_a, _b, _c, _d) {
  obj_Player.image_xscale = _a;
  obj_Player.image_yscale = _b;
  obj_Player.image_alpha = _c;
  obj_Player.image_angle = _d * 360;

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 1.0.0. Published August 21, 2022

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