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NOTE: This project was made before GMS released an array functionality update which effectively rendered the majority of this project redundant. However, this library does add some extra functions like array_some()

JS Arrays is a small library that aims to extend native array functions to provide identical functionality to JS arrays.

View the Github Repo here

Some useful examples


// Creates a new array which contains just the names of items
var items = [{
  name: "Sword",
  type: TYPE.melee
}, {
  name: "Bow",
  type: TYPE.ranged
var item_names = array_map(items, function(item) {return})
// returns a new array ["Sword", "Bow"]


// Creates a new array with the filtered items
inventory = [{id: 4, amt: 32}, {id: 5, amt: 12}]

potion_items = array_filter(inventory, function(slot) {
  // item_get() is a global function used to retrieve items details from a slot
  return (item_get(slot).type == TYPE.potion)
// returns a new array with items related to a potion


// If at least 1 element satisfies the predicate, return true. Otherwise false.
has_ring = array_some(equipped, function(slot) {
  return (item_get(slot).type == TYPE.ring)
// returns true if they have a ring equipped. False otherwise.

To understand more about each function's details in this library, please refer to various online sources about JavaScript arrays here1 and here2.


Game maker doesn't support closures. So doing something like

var some_var = TYPE.potion;
filtered_items = array_filter(inventory, function(slot) {
  return (item_get(slot).type == some_var) // error: "some_var" not set before reading it

Will not work. Read this for more details on what a closure is, and how it works.

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 1.2.0. Published August 10, 2022

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