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Horror Soundpack

Aurélien Montero

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This soundpack contain 28 high quality sound effects in the horror style (impacts, hits, screamer, etc.). Perfect for any settings : horror, suspense, tension, pursuit and more.

Soundlist (.wav – .mp3 – 44.1 khz – 16 bit) :

SFX_Blood_Dripping_01.wav SFX_Cinematic_Chain_Unlock_01.wav SFX_Cinematic_Screaml_Girl_01.wav SFX_Countdown_Impact_01.wav SFX_Countdown_Impact_02.wav SFX_Countdown_Impact_03.wav SFX_Countdown_Impact_04.wav SFX_Crash_Wood_01.wav SFX_Crash_Wood_02.wav SFX_Crash_Wood_03.wav SFX_Crash_Wood_04.wav SFX_Crash_Wood_05.wav SFX_Hat_Off_Drop_bass_01.wav SFX_Hat_Off_Drop_bass_02.wav SFX_Hat_Off_Drop_bass_03.wav SFX_Jumpscared_Scene_4_01.wav SFX_Jumpscared_Scene_4_02.wav SFX_Jumpscared_Scene_4_03.wav SFX_Kick_Door_01.wav SFX_Kick_Door_02.wav SFX_Kick_Door_03.wav SFX_Kick_Door_04.wav SFX_Kick_Door_05.wav SFX_Kick_Door_06.wav SFX_Knife_Take_Flesch_01.wav SFX_QTE_start_01.wav SFX_QTE_start_02.wav SFX_QTE_start_03.wav

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 1.0.0. Published July 25, 2022

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