Action-Platformer Engine 1


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This Action-Platformer Engine #1 is everything that you need in order to start creating a fast and fun, 2D side-scrolling game that features a complex player that handles multiple object states (idle, run, jump, roll, wall jump, attack, dash attack). An example of dynamic and interactive terrain is also included (skew, sway, and cut through grass). This demo includes a fully functional player object, with a focus on "game feel". The input/physics were coded in a particular way in order to mimic fast-paced popular, platformers like Super Meat Boy and Dustforce.


  • Player object
  • Idle, Run, Jump, Wall Jump, Dodge roll
  • Attack and dash attack (post-dodge roll)
  • Gamepad support
  • Jump-thru platforms
  • Pixel-Perfect Collision
  • Slope Functionality
  • Easily editable code for quick changes in "game feel"/pacing
  • Sprite skewing (grass)
  • Cut through grass
  • Parallax background example
  • Fully animated player sprites
  • Two tilesets

CONTROLS: Arrow keys / Left joystick -> move left/right Z / A -> jump X / X -> attack B / C -> block L / A -> roll left R / D -> roll right

R -> room restart +/- on numpad -> move from room to room (only one room in demo) ESC -> close app

Email me with suggestions and/or issues! Thanks!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 9+


GMS1 - Version 1.1.1. Published November 26, 2014

Fixed multi-touch controls :)

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