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  • The most robust, advanced and efficient post-processing solution available for GameMaker.

  • Post-Processing FX is a project that aims to make your game look beautiful, with 50+ ready-made customizable effects.

  • With as little friction or setup as possible. It's modular, user friendly, and very easy to extend and build upon.

  • Unlike all other similar ones, with PPFX, you can use all effects at the same time! (Saves GPU/CPU usage if the effect is not in use!)

For GameMaker v2023.2+


Currently, there are 51 high quality effects, which are:

  • Bloom;
  • VHS;
  • Slow Motion;
  • HQ4x;
  • Depth of Field;
  • Shockwaves;
  • Sunshafts (Godrays/Volumetric light);
  • ACES Tone Mapping;
  • Chromatic Aberration + Spectral LUT;
  • Motion Blur;
  • FXAA v3;
  • Panorama;
  • Gaussian blur;
  • Kawase blur;
  • White balance;
  • Glitch;
  • Shake;
  • Speed Lines;
  • LUT Cube;
  • Palette Swap;
  • Cinema Bars;
  • Displacement Maps;
  • Vignette;
  • Blur Radial;
  • Scanlines;
  • Texture Overlay;
  • Border;
  • Dithering;
  • Exposure;
  • Brightness;
  • Contrast;
  • Saturation;
  • Hue Shift;
  • Color Blindness correction (Protanopia, Deutanopia and Tritanopia);
  • Colorize;
  • Color Tint;
  • Invert Colors;
  • Channels;
  • Lens Distortion (Useful for simulating CRT TV tube distortion or speed);
  • Swirl Distortion (Black hole);
  • Sine Wave;
  • Noise Grain;
  • Posterization;
  • Pixelize;
  • Fade;
  • NES Fade;
  • Rotation;
  • Zoom;
  • Lift, Gamma and Gain;
  • Shadows, Midtones and Highlight;
  • Mist/Fog (noise)

Please see the page on for full info!


  • Profiles: A collection of preset effects. Change the mood of your game globally in real time! Useful for games where there are several different environments/rooms. Create and load as many as you like.

  • Layers: Apply the effects in multiple room layers, it can be individual or in a range too! Literally just write ppfx_layer_apply(...) in Create Event! There is an example showing this.

  • Areas: Draw a normal sprite, with the effects inside it! Use the sprite as a mask. Useful for glass UI, game logo, and many others!

  • Post-Processing FX can also be applied to the GUI. There is an example showing this.

  • The PPFX system creates IDs, making it super modular;

  • All effects can work together or individually!

  • Fast shader compilation;

  • Apply the effects in your game in less than 10 minutes! (for real);


  • Cross-Platform;
  • Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Android, iOS, HTML5, OperaGX, UWP, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.
  • GameMaker v2023.2+ | Runtime v2023.2+
  • Works on 2D and 3D games;
  • Uses GLSL ES;
  • Works on: x64 and x86 runner. With YYC and VM;
  • Split-screen compatible;
  • Compatible with Bulb lighting system and Scribble, by Juju;


  • Includes 13 examples;
  • Basic UI system (belongs to the example only);
  • Includes a camera object (belongs to the example only) - Target object; Horizontal and vertical margin to start moving; Smooth movements;;
  • All example codes are commented to understand how each part works. All the code is super organized and well written;
  • Dedicated Discord server for support;
  • LUT Pack (18 images);
  • Source project ready-to-use.
  • Super lightweight package! Only 1MB (.yymps)!
  • Free updates forever!

Technical support available.

ROADMAP, DEVLOG and others: PPFX Thread

It's possible to buy it on ITCH.IO for lower price! The Marketplace is broken... I can't update and you may even see fake comments that cannot be replied to...:

Post-Processing FX on

FAQ Q: Is it difficult to import into an existing project? A: No, there are several examples in the project showing how simple this is to do. All you need to do is import the .yymps file into your game and use the appropriate functions to apply the effect to the screen.

Q: What is the shader performance? A: All effects are super lightweight (includes Bloom), run smoothly on Android and on weak computers (tested in an onboard 128 MB VRAM GPU).

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 3.1.1. Published May 4, 2023

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