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Parallax 3D Starfield

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A user definable, multi-colour, multi-layer (5 Generated Background Based), Realtime manipulated 360 degree directional scrolling starfield.

Easily set the number of colours, the direction of movement, and speed of the starfield. Fully commented source and ultra flexible retro starfield

-The starfield Generated on the room start so no need more performance, Tested on Android/Browsers/WindowsPC

-The User Can set the Used Textures (more snow/ more performance) but is only influence the roomstart "load" time.

-Realtime speed & direction manipulating


By purchasing this pack, you may use it freely for all non-commercial and commercial use in your personal projects. If this asset is required in a project that is not rightfully owned by you, this asset must be purchased by the rightful owner of the project.

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.4. Published February 4, 2015

YYC complier have a bug.. If you Use choose(draw_sprite_ext(),draw_sprite_ext(),draw_sprite_ext()) the complier run to error. after C++ call the choose is sets the args Variables what type is YYRValue . The problem the draw_sprite_ext() menthod back parameter type is void! so is not can make YYRValue from void. so I totally rewrite the choose() to random +switch method.

GMS2 - Version 2.0.0. Published September 1, 2017

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