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Noxious Tea

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Welcome to Noxious Tea's Input Reader(NTIR) overlay for debugging and learning purposes in Gamemaker Studio 2! Itch link in case you prefer to download a 7z version of the tool:


  • A fully customizable overlay with instructions on how to add a basic debug overlay into your project

  • Near instantaneous import to any project by simply dragging the folders into GMS asset browser and add the object to your room and you're done.

  • Only alteration needed is if you want it to check variables instead of native keypresses OR if want to check other keyboard buttons than the preset made one.

  • Detailed documentation on how you can customize it, change keybindings, add to it and how it works. Condensed TL;DR instructions are also included

  • Basic keyboard input reader when no controller is connected

  • 6 sprite variations, high and low res versions for both Xbox and DS5/DS4 controllers(plus two sizes for the keyboard sprites)

  • In-game toggle included to swap between high and low res sprites

  • Moving joysticks as well as numerical values on both joystick axes

  • Position of the mouse cursor as it relates to the GUI layer(this way you can get a location to position UI elements quick and easy)

  • Supports up to four controllers but reads the input of only one at a time

  • Handy indicator to show how many controllers are connected and what slot is currently selected to read input from

  • Move the overlay with the mouse by holding LMB + RMB

With this overlay, you can see every input on a standard controller, what values it returns, how many controllers are connected and to what slots as well as keys to select what gamepad to read input from. This was made mainly for people who are new to GMS2, game developing and are learning how the gamepad works and how to use it in their own projects but anyone can use it. It's very useful to have something that displays your inputs if you're trying to demonstrate your project, feature or an issue to someone else(especially remotely). It also features the mouse cursor position as it relates to the GUI layer, making positioning UI elements easier.

Included documentation details exactly how everything works, how the overlay can be customized and how to impliment it into your own projects even if it's your first time opening GMS2. Comments with detailed explainations that tells you where to find everything and how to change them. They detail how you can make your own sprites and how to format them if you need to. There are 6 gamepad and two keyboard variations included in the project files as well as .aseprite files. Both low and high res versions of Xbox, DS4 and DS5 controllers as well as different frame options within the sprite. This overlay supports up to four controllers but can only read one at a time. Use F1-F4 to select what slot to use and the Delete key toggles between the two overlay sizes.


Click the "Contact Publisher" link under the title to send me an email. Before sending an email, I ask that you read through the 'FAQ' section of the documentation. The 'Instructions' and 'How to use' section are also helpful, especially if you're trying to add or make changes to the overlay. If that didn't help, I'll do my best to answer any inquiry in a timely manner and provide any help I can but keep in mind that this isn't my job, I'm just a guy on the internet who's done this a few months. Just know that you shouldn't consider me an authority on programming. You can attach your project in your email but I'd prefer that you start by sending screenshots of the issue and your code.

Everything in this asset was made by me and you are free to use anything in it for any purpose you'd like, commercial or non-commercial, no strings attached or credit needed. All I ask is that you don't rip this and reupload or try to sell it as your own work anywhere(please read FAQ for more information about this).


Import it into your project after adding it to your asset library. This is done by going in to GMS2, on the top bar, press Marketplace>My Library. Find the asset and click on download and then import. Afterwards, you just have to drag the object into your room and you're set! There's really only one thing that needs editing and it's optional. The keyboard overlay checks some basic native keypresses and your game probably uses other keys entirely. You just have to change them to check the keys you use in your project and you can also change the sprite to reflect those change fairly simply. Documentations helps you do that.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 1.12.0. Published April 14, 2022

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