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★ 【Background system 】★ ► Platform-view background with multiple layers. ► Zoom-in & Zoom-out different layers with specificied ratio. Ex : Zooming Grass layer (200%), Beach layer (150%), Ocean layer (110%), Sky layer (keep ratio) ► Horizontal Looping. Support : Zooming and Looping at the same time. (check the video for details)

★ 【Character system 】★ ► Based on famous Online platform games like Maplestory, Soulsaveronline. ► Character's built with parts of body. User can modify this feature. ► Animations have been setup by built function (easy use). Animation sets : Stand, Walk, Run, Knee, Jump up, Fall down, Slash, Poke, Bow-shoot, Meditate, Palm-shoot, Defend, Get hit, Lie down. ► You can also build your own animation with almost 30 frames. ► Character can change appearance by the system (check the video) : Eyes, Hair, Skin, Armor. ► To get your own asset packs (hairs, weapons, armors, eyes), please contact me to discuss your deal (email : [email protected]).

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 1.0.0. Published March 11, 2022

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