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This package has scripts for quickly implementing gamepad support in your projects! Check out some of the cool features this project can provide.

  • Automatic Gamepad Detection: Plugin a supported gamepad then it will automatically create a new player object for that controller to control!
  • Well documented

Why did I make this?

  • I got tired of rewriting code for adding controller support to my games. I wanted something quick to implement and easy to digest. This provided a baseline for quickly defining all the variables possible when it came to introducing controllers into my games. Since every aspect of the controller is tied to a variable, this made it easy to implement support for gamepads.

What does this do?

  • In a nutshell, the scripts define variables for checking inputs tied to gamepads. The line of code for if gamepad_button_check_pressed(gamepad,gp_face1) is simplified to if buttonAPress this is done by adding controller_initiailize(id_of_controller); to the create event of your object you want to add controller support to.

Why should I use this one?

  • Maybe because you want to try it out. Not saying this is the best option, but it's a quick start to adding controller support to your games.

I already created static controls for my game, how difficult would it be to join this with my project?

  • Depending on how you coded your project, adding a simple or [variable from my script] will allow your game to accept the input you coded plus the controller. This would allow both to control that feature of your game.

  • Example: keyJump = keyboard_check_pressed(vk_spacebar); if keyJump or buttonAPress { //Allow the object to jump}

[Screenshot] - Overview of the environment for showing the output of controller 1. They will show you exact computed values for each button pressed on the first controller.

The player objects generated will tell you which button if any are being pushed by their respective controllers.

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Age Rating: 9+


GMS2.3 - Version 2.1.1. Published February 9, 2022

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