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This is an open source asset package that allows arbitrary use, modification and dissemination.

Features introduction:

  1. Use dropdown_create(); function to create a dropdown selector and set the position, width and height, option array, script function, parameter array, initial index, and row height. The first value of the parameter array is the index of the default option.

  2. Use dropdown_set_style(); function to change the font, text color, background color, hover color, left and right spacing, and border color of the specified drop-down selector in real time. Set the border color to -1 to not display the border.

  3. The height of the set dropdown selector will adapt to the total height of the options.

  4. Use mouse to select and click the left button to select the option.

  5. Use arrow keys to select and press Enter to select the option.

  6. When the option is selected, the dropdown selector will execute the set script function and automatically close.



  1. 使用 dropdown_create(); 函数创建下拉选择器并设定位置、宽高、选项数组、脚本函数、参数数组、初始索引以及行高,参数数组的第一个值为默认选项的索引。

  2. 使用 dropdown_set_style(); 函数实时更改指定下拉选择器的字体、文字颜色、背景颜色、悬停颜色、左右间隔以及边框颜色,将边框颜色设为 -1 则不显示边框。

  3. 设定的下拉选择器高度会自适应选项总高度。

  4. 使用鼠标选择并点击左键以选中选项。

  5. 使用方向键选择并按下 Enter 键以选中选项。

  6. 当选中选项后,下拉选择器便会执行设定的脚本函数并自动关闭。

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 1.0.0. Published December 7, 2021

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