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Isometric Monster Pack


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This asset contains four monsters, an Skeleton with sword and shield, a skeleton with large sword, a undead with a sword and a ghoul. My idea is to continue creating assets compatible with this asset, in orthogonal isometric perspective, the next thing will be archer characters, warriors, animals, also I have already created some dinosaurs and monsters. These characters are created with eight orthogonal isometric directions.

It only includes character sprites (the other images are just an example) The size of the images is at least 256x256 px.


  • sGhoulAttack1
  • sGhoulAttack2
  • sGhoulDeath
  • sGhoulDeath2
  • sGhoulHit
  • sGhoulldle
  • sGhoulRoar
  • sGhoulRun
  • sGhoulRunClaws
  • sGhoulWalk


  • sSkeletonAttack1
  • sSkeletonAttack2
  • sSkeletonAttack3
  • sSkeletonBlockidle
  • sSkeletonDeath
  • sSkeletonHit
  • sSkeletonRun
  • sSkeletonWalk
  • sSkeletonWalkBlock


  • sSkeleton2Attack1
  • sSkeleton2Attack2
  • sSkeleton2Attack3
  • sSkeleton2Death
  • sSkeleton2ldle
  • sSkeleton2ldle2
  • sSkeleton2Run
  • sSkeleton2Walk


  • sUndeadAttack1
  • sUndeadAttack2
  • sUndeadAttack3
  • sUndeadDeath
  • sUndeadHit
  • sUndeadldle
  • sUndeadRecoverBack
  • sUndeadRecoverFront
  • sUndeadTaunt
  • sUndeadWalk

If the sprite format is uncomfortable for you, do not hesitate to contact me through the contact email that I check daily, so I can send the images in .rar format if it suits you.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 9+


GMS2.3 - Version 1.0.1. Published October 27, 2021

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