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BOOST LAGGING FRAMERATES In One Easy Step. Add the [FrameSkipX] object to your game_room and watch lagging framerates increase by up to 30% (or more). [FrameSkipX] skips frames to help your game maintain the room_speed even on old slower computers and laptops. It can even help you crank out more performance and prevent frame dip in some of the more action packed areas of your game. [5 SECOND INSTALL or less!!] - Add OBJ_FRAMESKIPX to your game room and you're done.

[FrameSkipX] is so easy to use and the benefits are so great that is should be added to most game projects simply to ensure that your game players experience your game at its BEST performance (no matter the user hardware).

[FrameSkipX] automatically works to maintain your desired room_speed by skipping frames. The operation of the object can be customized via simple variables in the CREATE event. DEFAULT operation will start skipping frames once your FPS drops below 90% of the room_speed. You can adjust this amount or simply drop the object into the room and forget about it. [FrameSkipX] will silently sit in the background and monitor your games FPS then activate ONLY when needed to boost any lagging framerates.

The goal with [FrameSkipX] was to create the simplest frame skipping item possible since this is a feature we’ll probably use in all of our games going forward. Getting it down to one object was a pleasant surprise and makes it VERY easy to use and add to any project (look at our preview: obj_frameskipx & the demo room. thats it!!). Give [FrameSkipX] a spin in your game projects. It can definitely help your game run quite a bit better on a wider variety of devices at acceptable (if not optimal) play quality. Its a Win, Win!! (Win for Dev because NO Performance/Memory/Stability issues for the increased play quality and of course a Win for the players who can still enjoy your game on older and/or slower devices)

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GMS1 - Version 1.0.4. Published November 10, 2014

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