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This is an open source asset package that allows arbitrary use, modification and dissemination.

Features introduction:

  1. Use the color_picker_create(); function to create a color picker and define the side length of the saturation and brightness slider, the width of the hue slider, the spacing width and the background color.
  2. Use the color_picker_set(); function to change the selecting color of the specified color picker in real time.
  3. Use the color_picker_get(); function to get the selecting color of the specified color picker in real time.
  4. Use the color_to_hex(); function to convert color values into HEX color codes.
  5. Use the hex_to_color(); function to convert HEX color codes to color values, and support loose matching.
  6. Use the left mouse button to click and drag the slider to adjust the saturation, brightness or hue.
  7. Use the arrow keys to adjust saturation or brightness, and use the plus and minus keys to adjust the hue.



  1. 使用 color_picker_create(); 函数创建拾色器并定义饱和度与亮度滑块的边长、色调滑块的宽度、间距宽度以及背景颜色。
  2. 使用 color_picker_set(); 函数实时更改指定拾色器的取中颜色。
  3. 使用 color_picker_get(); 函数实时获取指定拾色器的取中颜色。
  4. 使用 color_to_hex(); 函数可将色值转换为HEX颜色代码。
  5. 使用 hex_to_color(); 函数可将HEX颜色代码转换为色值,支持宽松匹配。
  6. 使用鼠标左键点击滑块并拖动以调整饱和度、亮度或色调。
  7. 使用方向键调整饱和度或亮度,使用加减键调整色调。

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 1.0.3. Published November 12, 2021

Fix the problem that the surface may not refresh when using the color_picker_set() function. 修复使用 color_picker_set() 函数时,surface可能不刷新的问题。

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