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GrimStone Platformer Tileset


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A set of tiles to build a platformer, 32x32 pixels.

Basic Ground Tiles [32x32]:

  • set to build an enclosed level;

  • two types of stairs;

  • two types of slopes;

  • bridge and handrails tiles;

  • two colors of columns for variety;

  • three types of tiles for variety;

  • tiles for visual delimitation;

  • small columns to create secret passages or other gameplay ideas;

Structures Tiles [32x32]:

  • a set for building structures;

  • roofs with different slopes;

  • walls with and without columns;

  • small and large windows;

  • large door and small door;

Various vegetation:

  • 4 trees;

  • short grass;

  • shrubbery;

  • flower bed;

  • vase with flowers;

Decor elements:

  • Large fence with double gate and wicket;

  • small fence;

  • weathervane;

  • fencing for the roof;

  • lampposts;

  • flagpoles;

  • sign posts;

(the following items have animation)

  • fountain;

  • a large basket with a fire;

  • a small basket with a fire;

  • 3 options for lanterns;


I left the tiles bright and colorful so that when you do the final color-matching, you have room to work with color and contrast.

Minor updates are possible.

Thanks for any feedback!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 1.0.0. Published August 30, 2021

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