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  • RFX_coldepth_shd - Limit the color depth in the scene by any value. Higher numbers = more colors.
  • RFX_palswap_shd - Swap out the palette to any of your choosing, perfect for replicating the look of a specific game's palette!

Customize the dither of both shaders with a 128x128 texture and a dither spread value. HINT Play around with the dither spread value, keeping it too low will make everything grainy and keeping it high will make color transitions much sharper!

To use: Pick a shader:

  • For Color Depth Shader:

  • RFX_set_coldepth( number );

  • For Palette Shader:

  • RFX_set_palswap( palette texture );

Draw anything as you would normally, then in draw gui event: RFX_apply();

*HINT * Make sure that the texture your using for your palette has been properly set using sprite_get_texture or background_get_texture, and that your palette looks the same as the ones included, RFXpalettes_spr. Also be sure the use for 3D check box checked on your palette. The texture generated using sprite/background_get_texture must be used as an argument for RFX_set_palswap.

The RFXpal (set by using RFX_set_palswap) and RFXshader variables are required by the RFX system to be set to the palette texture and the shader to use respectively. If these variables aren't set then you will likely get just a blank screen, same if you don't set the RFXshader variable to RFX_coldepth_shd or RFX_palswap_shd

Have any issues or requests? Contact me via the methods above!

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.4. Published April 19, 2017

Refactored the Palette Swapping shader.

Included new style palettes to experiment with, RFXpalettes_spr index 2 is the base palette that you can use to generate new palettes of your own with.

Improved user experience with a simple test scene full of commented code.

New lower price!!

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